“In every moment of life, our inner reality is reflected in the choices, actions and words of those around us,

” Greg Brayden – a scientist.

?Who were the Essenes?

soul, mindThe Essenes, were an ascetic Jewish cult from the Second Temple period, originating from the split that occurred in Judaism during the Hasmonean House. The name Issei – he “heals”, and historians of ancient times describe them as an idealistic cult, founded on principles of equality, freedom and brotherhood, simple and monastic life, common property, love of God, love of morals and love of bad (friends). Although their names are not explicitly mentioned there, most scholars today believe that they were the “cult of togetherness” described in the Scrolls of the Dead or the Dead Sea Scrolls discovered in the Qumran caves in the Judean Desert in the mid-20th century, and describe the cult’s lifestyle and beliefs – among others , The conception of the “sons of light” war in the sons of darkness.

The Essenes claimed that every human being on earth would experience seven kinds of relationships with others, which would always reflect what was going on inside them. Their understanding was that at any given moment, the reality that is happening around us depends on the level of personal development we have come to, and it will reflect on us through the actions, choices and language of those around us. They called these systems mirrors, saying that understanding these mirrors would help us as humans to identify and improve ourselves and develop on a spiritual level.

“Your current reality is just a complete reflection of the lessons you need to learn” Robin Sharma – author

The seven sights of the Essenes

7 Essential Realities According to the Essenes, we reflect on seven kinds of relationships we have with people in our lives, and they show what is going on within us, and the frequency we resonate with the universe. Every relationship we have, naturally, floods, issues we hold around a certain baggage; From childhood, genetics and cellular memory, and even from previous incarnations – and especially relationships with people closest to us. In fact, every aspect of our relationships shows us through the people we come into contact with.

So what are the mirrors that reflect reality to us?

1. The appearance of the moment – what I am at that moment is reflected in the other person.
2. The appearance of what I am judging at that moment, reflected in reality or in another person.
3. Appearance of what I have lost, given after or given up, or taken / stolen from me.
4. A look of most forgotten love.
5. The appearance of our father / mother that reflects our relationship with creation.
6. A mirror of our journey and search into the dark side.
7. Appearance of self-perception.

1) First look:

A look of what we are reflecting on right now.
The first sight is the mirror of reflection in the moment, or in other words, what is the frequency we are currently echoing and how it is expressed in what or in front of us. We now know that every thought has a real measurable energy frequency. Every thought provokes emotion, which also has its own frequency. It is the frequency of emotions (rather of the feelings that are emotions combined with a sense of body) that creates the reflection in external reality. This is the most familiar sight that many tend to think is the only one that exists. This look says that what is reflected in another is what is dominant in me right now – right now, whether it is anger or sadness or whether it is love.
The other shows us who we are at the moment: for example – if we get up in the morning, we can see how people in our environment reflect anger back to us.

“Life is like a mirror: if you scowl at them, they will frown; if you shine a face on them, they will greet you.” William McPhys Thackeray – Writer

2) Second look:

A mirror of what we are judging in another person right now.
This look will attract to our lives what we judge so we can get rid of the judgment. If we are calm and calm at the moment and reality presents us with a screaming and angry person who gets us off balance, it probably reflects what we are judging at that moment. Or if we are honest as a ruler, really righteous, but we have discovered that someone is stealing from us, it means that we judge those who are dishonest – that we do not “acknowledge” dishonesty in others.
In fact, any subject we have emotional baggage and judgment around will be reflected in our reality. It could be someone or something that hurt us in the past and did not forgive, or anything that left us unresolved. If we judge and condemn a certain behavior, and have emotional baggage in the same place – we will attract more of it to our lives. You can examine the topic in your life: If, for example, during a certain month, a few relationships of the same type (for example, some people who lie to you) pop up in your life, worth considering and consider what attracted them to your life. Examine these cases, and try to identify which buttons they press on you, and then ask: Do these people show me the moment? If the answer is no – ask do they show me what I judge at the moment? And look what comes up.

3) Third look:

A mirror of what we have lost, or given (to others) or taken / stolen from us.
The look that reflects on us a trait or quality we crave – in another person.
It manifests itself when we are in the presence of a certain person, that when we look into his eyes, we sense an electrical charge or a strong and magnetic connection with him. Many tend to confuse this with the concept of a soul mate, but this is not always the case. When we see something we love and crave, embodied in another person, it is usually something we feel we have lost, given or taken from us.
Every relationship out there reflects a relationship with ourselves, and if as children we have experienced a loss of innocence, sincerity or love, we will always try to bring these things back to our lives – through other people too.
During our lives, we give up a lot of energy and lose parts of the higher self and soul for the beliefs and patterns that have been planted in us from the environment. We all do it to a certain degree – giving up on things we had to get what we decided we wanted: giving up innocence to deal with cynicism, giving up courage for security, giving up honesty to make more money and so on.
It is precisely during this period that many mirrors pop up for us to reach perfection and from there to examine what we have given up. When we unknowingly identify parts that we have relinquished, or maybe taken by someone who has power or control over us, are embodied in another, our cellular body recognizes this, and the cellular memory continues to be with that person because it complements our cellular deficiency. It’s a magnetic attraction and not a romantic one . Although many tend to get confused.

For example, we can be saddened when a child we just met leaves, because it has something that reminds us of the innocence we lost.

This look is elusive. She can introduce herself to people we are attracted to magnetically – including sexual attraction and even a sense of falling in love, intense craving, etc. … when in practice they simply represent to us an inner longing for that part of us – lost. Many people carry a common baggage and fall in love with who they think is a soul mate, and after a while love disappears. The truth is, they may have just healed themselves and no longer need this look. They have achieved their perfection and now they can choose to continue the relationship only because they enjoy each other’s company.
Another example, according to Brayden: Our soul is sexless. When we come into being in the dual world, we choose sex in advance, and by choosing, we are essentially giving up much of the feminine / male energy that is in every soul. If you came as a male and chose the same 50% of male energy, but in childhood you have been abused and taken from you, you may experience confusion. Because the mirror works on energetic patterns, it is only natural for the pre-selected energy to be masculine, and this can manifest in part as sexual attraction as well.
We always seek to reinforce and affirm what we have lost, given or taken from us. So we should take a look, who are the people we are attracted to staying with and ask what I see in this person I lost, gave or was taken away from?

By the way – all that we have lost, given up or taken from us, we can reclaim when we realize that it has not really been lost.
It is a little difficult to adopt this concept, but the truth is that no one can take away our joy, courage or innocence. If we look at our belief system, the thought that something is taken from us is just an illusion, everything exists within us and we have the possibility to awaken and re-awaken these feelings. As long as we live in the illusion that we have lost something, or it has been taken from us – we will continue to attract more situations to our lives that will reflect that.

4) Fourth appearance:

A look of the most forgotten love.
This look, it is very refined, and will show us behaviors that we have adapted over time that can keep us away from what we love most in life. Behavior patterns that have become so important to us that we are willing to reorganize our lives just to give them space. Often these patterns are a cargo from a previous unrolled roll, and will continue to accompany us until we resolve them. They come in the form of compulsive behavior, impulses, and addictions that we have experienced that have a devastating effect on our reality. It doesn’t have to be drug or alcohol. It can also be a need for control, a need to be perfect, as much money as possible, as much sexual conquest as possible. These behaviors keep us away from what is most important to us – from ourselves, loved ones, quiet, confidence and more, and it happens slowly and gradually until most of us are not even aware of it happening, until we are deep in the mold.

I remember an article I read about a senior manager, who was asked what his secret was, and his answer was that in every step he made on the ranks he gave up another part of himself: first on free time, then on hobbies, then on friends, wife, and finally on children…
While he received money and power in return, was the choice of money and power over family friends and children a conscious choice? In his case, no.
He just rolled compulsively until it was too late, and one morning, he woke up and realized he had lost everything.
When one finds himself in this pattern, he can wake up at every stage and understand what he is giving up. There is no need to go to the extreme to identify and heal the pattern. While these are gradually built patterns over the years, it is possible to wake them up at every stage, by looking at the present. In the present, we can discern how slowly as we proceed with the same behavior, we gradually lose all that has happened to us and stop it in time. To identify the pattern, ask yourself – are there any behaviors that I have adopted that keep me away from the things I love?

5) Fifth appearance:

The look we have been shown to our parents all our lives.
Many people claim that we marry the duplicates of our parents … Many times, we also become similar to them in behavior (whether it is healthy, or unhealthy). Our parents show us themselves, but we see them as the deity, or who is responsible for our existence. Since they are the ones who cared and cared for (or did not care for or care about) our entire lives, they symbolize what is expected of us in the world. While our parents had their own choices, some of them would put in a mirror. This look says the Essenes, reflects our expectations of the deity, and our parents hold the mirror to see how we see our father and mother in heaven.
When our parents were angry we saw the Creator angry, when they were proud of us, we felt that all of creation was proud of us. Our parents are our “surrogate” in the universe: they agreed and chose to bring us, and we see them as the power of creation and expect whoever brought us, will take care and be responsible for us. All our lives we seek the warm love and appreciation and respect of our parents because they are the closest thing we know to God.

When we describe our parents today as positive and negative, there is a good chance that we are describing our expectations of God. Through repairing relationships with parents, we can heal the relationship with the deity and vice versa. To identify the mirror, ask yourself, is the way I see my parents similar to the way I see the Creator? Could this evidence strike me rather than serve me?

6) The sixth appearance:

“Dark Side of Mind.”
This look reflects the situation many call “getting to the bottom of the pit.” These are the places where we meet our deepest fears, or the greatest difficulties, and they happen to make us some “restart” – an internal reboot. (For those who read and remember, this happens to the heroine of the book “Eat, Pray to Love” at the beginning of the book, and sends her on a spiritual quest.) This sight invites us to the ultimate challenge: to stay naked without all the walls we put around us to protect us. This is where we lose what we are most attached to and see as our identity; For example, a loss of a loved one we cannot do without, or a job that defines us – or our health. When we are clean of everything, at the bottom of the Depression, we may break and give up, but many of us find this place the greatest mental strength. This is where we can have our greatest master’s abilities, learn about the balance and order that exists in nature and learn to trust the process of life without judging anything good or evil.

This shows us that health is always balanced, and both light and dark, both coming from the same source. There is one source for everything, and it has all kinds of forms in which it manifests itself. The only way to let go of fear – of all fear, is to understand that light and darkness are not separate, neither good nor bad, it all comes to giving us a look that we must change something inside.

These situations, according to the Essenes, will be reflected in our lives only after we have accumulated all the tools to deal with them. Creation will never create a situation that we cannot cope with, and it allows us to choose whether to see ourselves as powerful creators or as victims. From this unbalanced place, we have the opportunity to prove our abilities, to descend into the depths of our soul and find the path to liberation. As we go through this period, we will usually come out with new insights and our lives will never be the way they were before. If you have fallen into this place, it is time to remind yourself that there is no good or bad and the only thing that needs to change is your attitude to what is happening. Remind yourself that you have the tools to deal with the situation, and that it’s time to step in to make a real change.

7) The seventh appearance:

Appearance of self-perception.
The most recent and subtle appearance is the appearance of our self-perception, as reflected in ourselves as we compare ourselves to others. It shows us that when we judge or criticize ourselves, it is only because we compare ourselves to others. In fact, judgment is not possible when we have no point of comparison. Until we have compared ourselves to others – we are perfect and everything as it should be. The only reason we see anything but perfection in ourselves is if we look around and compare. Why do we compare ourselves? Who do we compare ourselves to? How do we feel we are less than perfect? It only happens when we look outside and compare.
This look gives us a chance to realize that every experience of our lives is perfect regardless of the outcome, and teaches us to stop comparing ourselves to the environment, and to see our lives as perfect as they are. It means allowing perfection within the imperfections of life without comparison.

Most people, in a hurry to judge themselves … To understand what reflection comes to signify, we must look at the places in life where we are not happy with ourselves and ask – to whom do I compare myself that makes me dissatisfied? To what standards do I restrict myself that make me feel bad? How do I decide if I failed or maybe even succeeded? When I don’t compare my life to someone else’s, how can they be less than perfect?
The only self-judgment that is valid is if I didn’t do the best I could. If I did the best I could – then self-criticism only comes from comparing myself to others. We do not need to change the world but only our perception of who we are in it. Strengthen the understanding we create and create powerful and unlimited capabilities. When we can do this, the world will change before our eyes.
And another little tip of mine: If you insist on comparing yourself to others, why not look at what you have compared to others? How many people in the world have less freedom, less abundance, time or health in relation to what you have? And what would they do if they had the options you have…? This is only a change in the angle of vision, but it will enlighten you to the understanding that looking at the “nothing” versus the “there” is only an illusion and the bottom line – your free choice is an angle of vision that will advance you, against one that will stick you in place.

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” Anais Nin-writer

How do we recognize the sights in our lives?

The Essenes remind us that, throughout life, we all pass through these sights, and more than one at a time, but do not pause to examine what reflection means to us as powerful creators. Life invites us to examine ourselves through relationships and situations, and if we recognize and examine them, we can change our reflection the next time it arrives.

How do we know which mirror we reflect at any moment? Through Questions:

1. What am I sending to the outside world right now?
2. What am I judging right now?
3. What part of me am I giving up now to survive the life experience? Or what part of myself have I lost or taken from me?
4. What are the places to which I am connected or addicted, at such a level that I am willing to give up things I love and appreciate just to serve them?
5. Through my parents’ appearance, what is my relationship to divinity and feminine and masculine energy in the universe?
6. What tools have I accumulated to address the biggest challenges of my life? What is the true potential of my power?
7. How much do I compare myself to others and do I judge myself as a result? Where do I feel missing and less than perfect?


Our reality is a multi-faceted mirror that reflects what exists within us. There are many today who claim that reality on Earth is actually a big hologram that is created through the thoughts, feelings and choices we make… And forcing our character inside you to smile … It won’t happen if we don’t smile first. To try to influence external reality without first affecting the perception of reality within us is an ineffective action – just like asking our image in the mirror to smile without having smiled before. The only way our reality is created is from the inside out. When we look at reality and complain or blame what is happening out there, or other people, we miss the important point, that there is nothing outside that was not created before in us… and at the same time we give up our power to create a change that will be reflected in our reality. It’s just like standing in front of the mirror and shouting at our character that you will already smile …

The most important relationship in our lives is the relationship with ourselves (you can also see it as a relationship with our inner child who is the subconscious or relationships with our higher part who is the Creator). You may be in a relationship with someone who upsets or hurts you – but whoever gets upset or hurts is you! Even if a person in your life behaves in a certain way that makes you feel bad, the feelings are yours, and the one who can change the feelings is just you.

Because we live in an energetic universe based on the Law of Attraction, everything we think we do or say will attract what we want or reject. This is the essence of the frequency we transmit to the world at any given moment. So the initial stage of change is to take personal responsibility for what is in our lives and realize that we created it. The second step is to understand that everything outside of us is just a reflection, so in order to change the outside, we have to change the Interior.

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