tru loveYou Do  what you like

  you love  what you do’

‘never ever  compline’

. stay tru and unest first abut your self 

please dont try to Tell somone ells
,  how to behave  and what to do
. If you do not know him very well 

 , The broken heart  is the most perfect heart
Soft and delicate
 like A butter
Gentle Like the feathers of angels
And can become icy , cold  and just  freeze the emotion

, You do not have to bring him sorrow and pain
Destroy a loving heart 
And expect fore A  peace of mind ‘
Even then not sure  your right
Because you never know  what he went through in his life
how he copes with himself,
You will not see and understand this because you do not live in the day
His difficulties ‘Deal with himself

, Do not judge him on A trial
, You do not wish for yourself  to take over and control Him
Hes Living life Not in Your Hand
But in the hand


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